K.T. Davies

K.T. Davies
I was born in Yorkshire. I have a degree in literature and a modest comic collection. I share my life with an understanding partner, two savage children, three silly dogs, and an angry cat. I’ve lived in t’north and the Republic of China but currently reside in suburban bliss in the West Midlands.

I’ve worked as an actor, a teacher, and a scaffolder amongst many other things. Until recently I made theatrical props for a living. Have a look at www.antrobusandgrimm.co.uk to see how I (used to)roll.

I’m a nerd and proud, and play with swords and other pointy things from time to time as well as 'puter games.

Pointless trivia bit:

I once fell down the highest mountain in Taiwan and was led to safety by a couple of tribesmen in exchange for some cigarettes. I have also been taught how to wrestle by ‘Crybaby’ Jim Breaks.