C. L. Walker

C. L. Walker
Colin Walker was born in South Africa, which is an awesome place. You should visit. He then (about 20 years later) moved to the UK with his girlfriend. This sort of thing is ill advised in most cases, but it worked out pretty well for him.

In the ten years he spent in the UK he picked up a wife (the aforementioned girlfriend transformed into her, by mutant powers), a house, some jobs, and annoying responsibilities. He traveled the world (London is a magnet for planes, making them easy to catch), once spending less time getting to Tunisia than he spent getting home from work on the train, because London trains are wonderful.

Then just as everything was getting all settled and comfortable, he decided to follow his wife to Australia. She was going whether he joined her or not, and he thought it was only good manners to tag along.

The whole time this was going on he was writing. Instead of training hard and becoming the best he could be in the normal world, he wrote stories about things that weren't, but should be. When work was going well he wrote a lot. When it was going badly he wrote a hell of a lot more. When he visited a new city or country that place would, like a virus, inject itself into his writing. This gave him an excuse to travel more; though he hadn't published a thing he was, clearly, doing research.

There's only so long you can spin that line though, so now he actually has to show something for all that writing. This website, and the absolutely brilliant words therein, are the result.

Also books.