Linda O. Johnston

Linda O. Johnston
I was born a writer. I can't remember a time I didn't write, though my earliest scribbles, while I was in diapers, were not decipherable even by me. Later, I saved ideas for school assignments and awaited opportunities to write them. My first attempt at an epic, when I was eight, was a science fiction story so incredibly precocious that, if I could find it, I'm sure I'd find a new calling as a writer. Well, maybe not. Still, it was a start: the story of a young boy and girl who together explored the universe.

That's something else: I was also a born romantic. Nearly all my fiction involves a romantic relationship. No wonder I wound up writing romance novels!

I have also always enjoyed solving puzzles, which led me to write suspense into all of my stories, too, no matter what their genre or subgenre.

In addition to creating fiction, I've been a transactional lawyer and loved writing contracts--although currently I am a full-time writer. I am a member of the Orange County (California), Los Angeles chapters of the Romance Writers of America, the Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers, as well as the Sisters in Crime, Los Angeles Chapter.

I live in the Los Angeles area with my husband and my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Mystie and Cari.