Harpie Alexa

Harpie Alexa
Born and raised in Canada, Harpie Alexa always had a strong passion for music, animals and books. She'd often escape reality to dive into new words with strong, charismatic characters as they embarked on epic journeys of self discovery and love while fighting wicked villains who only sought to tear them down.

Now, years later, after finding the inspiration to embark on her own journey of self discovery, Harpie spends her time plotting and writing her own stories for others to enjoy.

With a fondness for science fiction, fantasy and the paranormal, Harpie specializes in romance with Aliens, Monsters and Mystical Beings, often diving into hard to resist tropes such as enemies to lovers, tortured souls, second chance and soul mates.

She also writes under the pen name Harpie Alexander for her more darker and sexier works.

Star Pirates
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