Kat McGee

Kat McGee
Hello, I’m Kat McGee, the author of the Taste of Magic paranormal cozy mystery series and the forthcoming Conjure & Curl and Mountain Mystic Mystery series. I love writing quirky sleuths and supernatural pets, as well as weaving in elements of mayhem and suspense in a world where suspects may include ghosts and witches.

My writing den features visits from two Siamese cats and one German wire-haired dachshund. All three are quite vocal, so anyone privy to my side of the conversations would hear me reminding them about NOT back talking. (Those with Siamese kitties and dachshunds will know exactly what I mean!)

In addition to my love of cats and dogs, I enjoy reading, experimenting in the kitchen and Body Groove dancing, which usually leads to a scatteration of cats since gracefulness is not part of my dancing as if there’s no tomorrow.