Rachel Aukes

Rachel Aukes
I write science fiction and horror because I absolutely love asking, "what if…" (and killing people off). I have roughly thirty titles in print, including 100 Days in Deadland, which was named on the Best Books of the Year list by Suspense Magazine; the USA Today recommended read, Stealing Fate; and the Amazon bestselling Flight of the Javelin, Bounty Hunter, and Fringe series.

Want the scoop on me? I was raised on a farm in Iowa where I boasted the small town’s largest (and only) comic book collection, and I'm still addicted to stories with bad ass heroes facing impossible odds. I did the college thing--both undergraduate (go UNI Panthers!) and graduate (go Drake Bulldogs!)--before going out into the "real" world and realizing that jobs are too much work and too little play. Alas, bills (and college loans) needed paid, so I made a career out of helping companies navigate change, which essentially means I'm a professional problem-solver. In that role, I've served as VP of Technology at Wells Fargo, director of IT Strategy for Aviva North America, and later as a change agent for companies across the United States. I've also taught at Upper Iowa University for over a decade, warping the minds of tomorrow's workforce. I now write full-time and couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Since you've stayed with me this far, let me tell you some personal stuff… things that I love. I love flying airplanes (especially the old stuff). Nothing beats a sunset flight around the countryside. I'm sure sunrise flights are just as good, but I've never been awake for one. I love spoiling my fifty-pound lap dog that develops the sudden craving to go outside every five minutes when I'm deep in writing mode.
October 03