Barbara Ivie Green

Barbara Ivie Green
I love a book that takes me far away… to time and a place when the world was filled with mystery. Throw in some humor, nonstop action, a little romance and I’m pretty much hooked. Add to that an ancient mystery and I’m yours forever… well, at least until the book is finished. Ha-ha!

Treasure of Egypt solves one of the greatest mysteries of the Ancient World, the origins of the Sphinx, as well as several misconstrued symbols. It is the culmination of years of research, poring over every book on ancient Egypt I could get my hands on in order to study the hieroglyphic symbols as well as the mythology of early Egypt.

To me, understanding their ancient beliefs, as well as their writing was not only fascinating, but essential to writing a solid book.

I have spent years as a professional artist, (please see website) but it wasn’t until a late blessing came into my life, which magically transformed my oils into finger paints, that the opportunity to finally write “that book” came.

I am blessed to have the most amazing supportive husband and family. I also have the best dog in the whole world, (see his picture in the dictionary next to “best dog ever") and his sidekick, Mr. Widdle, aka Wiz-man, whose name has been changed to protect the little bugger. Let’s just say it’s a good thing he’s cute, because he has a few problems that were worse when he first came to us. He’s getting better, but at this time nothing is safe in the yard whether it’s edible or not, and the carpet is… well, soon to be ancient history!