Carol Marinelli

Carol Marinelli
Carol Marinelli is a USA Today bestselling author who has published over 100 books in the romance genre as well as contemporary women’s fiction. She was born in England to Scottish parents and spent much of her childhood daydreaming and imagining worst case scenarios. Throughout school her teachers described her as ‘melodramatic’ though it helped her develop a knack for telling a good story. Carol trained to become a nurse and spent many years working in an emergency department in England before emigrating to Australia where she now lives. Carol spent any free time and breaks on night-shifts penciling down the stories in her head and later typing them up before she got published in 2000.

Carol now writes for Harlequin Presents/ Modern and their Medical Romance line. As well as that, she has written some contemporary women’s fiction (with a dark twist) and hopes to long continue with the melodrama…

(45 books)