R.J. Anderson

R.J. Anderson
R.J. (Rebecca) Anderson was born in Uganda, raised in Ontario, went to school in New Jersey, and has spent much of her life dreaming (and writing) of other worlds entirely.

5 stars: I loved this book so much that I expect to read it again and again -- I reserve this for beloved classics and others that knocked my socks off.

4 stars: I really enjoyed the book and/or thought it was excellently done -- there is a good possibility that I'll re-read it some time.

3 stars: I enjoyed the book and thought it was well done. Should not be taken as a slur on the book or its author -- it really does mean "I liked it".

2 stars: I didn't connect to this book as much as I'd hoped. This category includes books by authors whose other works I truly love, so please don't take this as a slur on the book or author either.

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