Moira J. Moore

Moira J. Moore
I started writing my first book when I was fourteen. I was sitting in class, bored out of my mind, and I started writing a story about a girl sitting in class, bored out of her mind. Except her class was in a school of wizardry. That story turned into a book. An awful book that I tried and failed to get published. I'm grateful the internet wasn't a thing back then, because I surely would have put it online and it would be out there forever.

Since then I've continued to write books and continued to put life experiences in them. My frustration with alpha male characters, the extreme weather I experienced while living in Japan, and contract law have all shown up in my fantasy novels.

The first six books in my Heroes series were published by ACE. ACE didn't want to finish the series, so I did, by self-publishing Heroes Reward. I fell so in love with the self-publishing experience that I have no inclination to seek a traditional publisher again.

My most recent book, The CEO Can Drop Dead, is a contemporary novel that portrays common romance tropes as the abusive behaviour that they are. I mean no disrespect to the romance genre as a whole, I don't believe it's any less worthy than any other genre, but the prevalence of abusive behaviour disturbs me, so I wrote a book about it. 25% of my royalties is donated to the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres.
February 09, 1971

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