Of the three wishers at the well, it was Melodi Morgan — the youngest and least comely — who is chosen by her married sisters to travel to the city of Moredale and enter the Enchanting Academy. There she may properly learn the art of Wishcraft and take over the family business of keeping the Wishing Well supplied back home in Eventide.

But life in the city is vastly different than in Eventide: society is a morass of ministers and titles each with terribly important meaning but without making much difference in the people themselves — each of whom strikes Melodi as backward in their own pompous way. None seem more noble than the Entertainer with the Dancing Dragon or the Fortune Teller who is depressed over everyone elses future.

It doesn’t help Melodi that Kendal the Beautifier — second to last of the seven local Princes — was smitten my Melodi on a chance encounter in the marketplace and now seems determined to make her a princess of the realm despite the fact that his family has spent nearly all of their fortune on the Ogre Wars and that with five brothers ahead of him — and one very scheming and determined Princess — he has not even the most remote chance of becoming the King.

All that could be overcome … if Melodi did not find the sight of him repulsive.
Moredale is the story of Melodi Morgan, her education in wishcraft at the Academy and her adventures in a greatl fantasy city.

[Description and coverart taken from, by permission, 28 May 2010.]