Break (2016)

Working at Miami Security as a bodyguard is the perfect job for Wester Lewiston, a man with a past he’d like to keep secret. And a serious aversion to emotional attachments. He believes in an eye for an eye, so when an eccentric client is responsible for getting him shot, Wester figures there is no reason to keep saying no to the man’s sexy wife who has been hitting on him.

Olivia Richland is the twin no one notices, while her sister lives the life of a glamorous socialite, and she prefers it that way. But when her brother-in-law’s bodyguard comes on to her, he unleashes an inner passion she didn’t even know existed...until he calls her by her twin’s name and she realizes it’s a humiliating case of mistaken identity.

She escapes out the bathroom window only to land right in the middle of an illegal business deal. Suddenly she needs Wester’s protection. He wants to finish what they started while he’s keeping her safe.

But Olivia soon realizes that while he claims to only want her body, Wester badly needs her heart too… unless his secret destroys them both.

For fans of hot alpha heroes, bestselling author Erin McCarthy introduces her sexy new series, SOUTH BEACH BODYGUARDS…
1944172203 / 9781944172206