The Dragon’s Woman (2009)

The Dragon’s Woman
Restless and hungry. That describes Eilrah right down to his red scales. Since forging a soul bond with his priestess years before, he's been plagued by the most annoying needs. Human needs. The kind a dragon shouldn't have. Lonely and bitter. That is Rianne. Feared for a power many think is uncontrollable, she lives in solitude in the woods near the village where she grew up. She also has needs, and for a while it seems the great red dragon might be the one to satisfy them. But the dragon shares a bond with another woman-not one of the heart, but one of the soul. Rianne can't possibly complete. Nor will she break her heart or shatter her pride by trying. Eilrah doesn't understand why Rianne has pulled away, but it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters to him is his mate, the lovely witch, Rianne. He sees the need in her eyes, and the loneliness. He will have her, his other half. He just has to convince her.
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