Ascension: The Revelation (2014)

Ascension: The Revelation
For nearly a decade, Kasey Morris has dreamed about one man - the eccentric doctor who saved her life when she was twelve. Now, a Paladin, she’s charged with the daunting task of defending humanity from vampires, shapeshifters, and other supernatural creatures. There’s only one problem – she’s recently learned the man she loves isn’t human. And while her divine instincts regularly remind her he’s the exact kind of monster she’s supposed to guard against…her heart has a completely different agenda.

Vouclade Nelek has held many titles over the course of his existence. Healer, Scientist, Surgeon…Torturer. However, it’s been thousands of years since a woman has chosen him to be her Lover. Under normal circumstances, he’d simply decline her advances and redirect her attentions to a more appropriate suitor. But this time his admirer is far from normal, and she possesses two dangerous traits that even someone of his station can’t ignore: determination…and true immortality.

She’s poised to prove love isn’t bound by age. He’s prepared to refute her every claim. Together, everyone agrees Kasey and Vouclade are a potential disaster in the making. But when forced apart – the devastating backlash may very well bring the entire supernatural world to its knees…once and for all.

Pronunciation: Vouclade (Vook-a-lod)

  Ascension series
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