Agent S5: Jaydan (2014)

Agent S5: Jaydan
He’s out to repay a debt.

She’s in his way.

D.I.R.E. double agent Jaydan Rose is determined to prove himself. Now that he’s made the elite, super agent team, he has one more thing to do – pay back his best friend.

Hellbent on making a name for herself, Hope Powers knows her new software application is exactly what the D.I.R.E. agency needs—if only she can get them to take her seriously. When her software picks up a lead on a missing woman, she and Jaydan reluctantly work together to follow the trail.

The last thing Jaydan wants to do is sleep with his best friend’s sister. However, when danger and close quarters prove too much for their passion, his priorities – and his heart — shift to Hope.

After they uncover scandalous secrets and decades-old peril, Jaydan and Hope realize they’ve stumbled onto something bigger than themselves.

With their lives on the line and a vile maniac closing in, will D.I.R.E.’s strongest man prove too weak to save the woman he loves?
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