Only The Buried (2021)

Only The Buried
Izzy Sage was looking for answers when she took a job as keeper of the death gate in Detroit. Unfortunately, the answers being delivered aren’t what she was hoping for. Personal worries have to take a backseat, though, because the reaper world is in an uproar.
News that their former leader Renley Hatfield was working with the enemy has spread, but that doesn’t mean the good guys can trust everybody that’s left. With that in mind, Cormack Grimlock has closed ranks. Only those in their inner circle are allowed access to all the information. Sadly, there is very little information to go around.
Despite that, Belle Isle is hopping with activity thanks to an influx of furries who are running rampant across the island for a local convention. Even the mysterious death of one of their own in the waters off the yacht club doesn’t dampen their enthusiasm. Izzy isn’t convinced that the death is an accident but they don’t have proof otherwise, so she looks elsewhere for adventure.
Then, in the middle of the night, adventure comes to her in the form of Emmet Grimlock, the missing Grimlock patriarch who disappeared through the gate weeks before.
A dream leads Izzy to the gate in time to watch him cross over, but Emmet’s memory is tainted and he has nothing to offer by way of leads. While dealing with his return, Izzy’s grandfather finally decides to make a visit, too. He senses Izzy needs him, which means even more trouble is on the way.
Unauthorized gates are popping up all over Detroit, and revenants are crossing through them. The reapers are on the verge of war, and Izzy might be the only one who can save them.
She might’ve come to Detroit alone but now Izzy is amongst family. She’s going to need all of them to unravel the tangled lines of her past and survive to forge a future.
Is she up for the challenge?