Doggone Mess (2023)
by R. J. Blain
(#21 in Magical Romantic Comedies (Short Story))

Doggone Mess
Single, female lycanthrope: check.

Bills to pay: check.

A bounty for the hottest single lycanthrope on the block: check.

As the sole holdout of the corporate buyout of her apartment building, Joyce Gray is determined to transform her stubborn pride into a masterpiece in order to stay off the streets. Dipping her hands into the dark world of bounty hunting would give her the funds needed to find a new home, somewhere safe from the wolf who’d infected her with the lycanthropy virus.

On the surface, the job is simple. For a period of three days, she must keep Wayne Barnes from returning to the New York City area. The owner of the corporation determined to reduce her apartment complex to rubble has a reputation of being straitlaced and playing for keeps. Worse, her virus is ready to roll over to have her belly rubbed and enjoy some positive and intimate attention.

But with twenty thousand on the table and a chance to get ahead for once in her life, she’s prepared to get her hands dirty no matter the cost.

What she doesn’t know will change her life and plunge her into the murky depths of the black market, where secrets are worth more than money, life is cheap, and anything can be purchased for a price.

Part of this story was released as a short story in the Dirty Deeds anthology, set in the zany, deadly world of the Magical Romantic Comedy (with a body count) series.