All the Pretty Witches (2021)

All the Pretty Witches
Hannah Hickok was looking for adventure when she inherited Casper Creek from her grandmother.
She got more than she was bargaining for.
Now she’s grappling with two ancient sister witches, both of whom are inhabiting the bodies of others, and a war is brewing.
Hannah knows she has to fight on the side of good but she’s not certain their ally has anybody’s best interests at heart, and it has her faltering. On top of everything, there’s a new demon on the loose and he appears to have joined sides with the dark witch who wants to end them all.
Life has never been easy for Hannah but it’s harder than ever for her now. The magic she’s only recently discovered is taking hold … and growing. That makes her an appealing target for the sister witches should they want a stronger body to leap into.
Cooper Wyatt loves Hannah with his whole heart but fear has gripped him by the throat. He wants to help Hannah with her battle but he’s not sure what he has to offer … other than loyalty. He will protect her with his dying breath, although she’s determined to make sure that’s not necessary.
Ancient evil is about to take on a powerful new witch. Who will be left standing? It’s anybody’s guess.