True Grit Spirit (2020)

True Grit Spirit
Maddie Graves-Winters has settled into married life with her husband, Nick, and is looking toward the future. When an invitation to a special retreat, strictly for psychics, lands in her lap, she decides it’s time for a leap of faith.
As the owner of Casper Creek, a cosplay Western town in Kentucky, Hannah Hickok is in a precarious position. A recent incident involving the death of a tourist – and a member of her own coven – has Hannah struggling. That’s why she agrees to host a bunch of psychics in her town.
Maddie and Hannah are both magic in their own way, although they approach life from different directions. Their worlds are about to collide, though.
When the most famous psychic in attendance – a woman who was both prickly and full of herself – is murdered in broad daylight, they’re going to have to work together to solve a terrible crime.
What do you do when your victim was hated by everybody, to the point where she kept a list of her enemies? Dig deep. That’s what. Even then, though, it’s going to be a bumpy ride … and the ending might not be happy for everybody.

Note: This is a crossover book featuring Maddie Graves and Hannah Hickok. It’s set after the conclusion of the Maddie Graves series and after The Monstrous Seven in the Hannah Hickok series.