Haunt 'Em High (2021)

Haunt 'Em High
Now that she’s absorbed the power of the Casper Creek nexus, Hannah Hickok is a witch on a mission. Her new powers require regular venting, and she’s surpassed even her limited expectations. It’s not magic on her mind when her father comes for a visit, though.
Brad Hickok has always wanted to see Casper Creek, and now that he gets to visit, he’s extremely excited. He’s not alone, though. He’s brought his new girlfriend … and Hannah is thrown for a loop by her appearance.
What’s supposed to be a simple visit spirals out of control when a local witch who has been admitted to the hospital calls for Hannah to give a warning, an FBI agent shows up asking questions, and enemy Astra loses her mind and attacks Hannah in the middle of Casper Creek before fleeing.
Hannah has her hands full, and it’s not all fun and games this go-around. She’s going to need everybody working together to come out the other side … and even then the outcome isn’t set in stone.
Hannah is a witch with a plan. How successful she’ll be is anybody’s guess.