Marked by Fate (2019)

Marked by Fate
My name's Shelby Flynn and I come from a long line of powerful witches. When I was sixteen, an angel supercharged my powers, told me I was destined for great things, then disappeared into the ether. What was I supposed to do with that?

Don't get me wrong - being able to control the elements, move things with my mind, and conjure fire from midair is cool, but none of that will help me pass my midterms. On the upside, they WILL help me save humanity on a regular basis from various forms of evil I didn't even know existed.

Lileth, a Fae who leads a super-secret society called the Celestial Witches Academy, has given me a choice - live a secret life and lie to my friends, family, and amazing boyfriend in order to fulfill my magical destiny, or let humanity suffer so I can ace bio tests and go to frat parties.

I don't have to love it, but I do have to do it. Look out baddies, I'm Shelby Flynn, and I'm here to take some names!