Dead to Me (2021)

Dead to Me
Rule 1: Never, ever let a dead guy talk you into a cheeseburger!
Being a reaper's an easy gig as long as you follow the rules. The problem is, I've never been much good at that, especially when it comes to ignoring people who are talking to me.

It seemed harmless enough, but when a client refused to go with me until he went to his favorite burger joint one last time just to say goodbye to an ex who's not exactly upset he's dead, it was the beginning of the end of my peaceful week. Sure, I passed on the word for him, but little did I know I'd end up investigating a murder before I even finished my fries.

Now the soul's on the run, a murderer's on the loose, and it's my tail on the line if I can't get it sorted before my higher-ups find out.