Widowmaker (1994)

The tides are turning…

Life for Bayrd Talvalin has never been so easy. He has a home, a wife, children, a faithful Bannerman, and much more. What else could a clan-lord wish for?

Yet Bayrd still feels uneasy. Since one fateful day six years ago, Lord Gerin’s cries of treachery (and subsequent threats of fighting and war) have hung over his and his family’s head.

Time may have passed, but Bayrd knows the resentment festers deep within his heart.

As Bayrd serves the people over which he is clan-lord, moves are being made that will change life as he knows it. Within the clan, cracks are beginning to show…

The old ways of the Albans are no longer suitable for life at Dunrath hold. And there are many prepared to stake their claim.

Meanwhile, a treacherous, powerful wizard, Kalarr cu Ruruc, has entered the fray. Soon, Bayrd must learn the true test of fate, as he navigates a perfidious gameboard of lies, magic, and maneuvering to try and save his family, friends, and people from destruction.

As the second installment of the Clan Wars series, Widowmaker continues Peter Morwood’s impeccable fantasy tradition of thrilling pace and wonderful world-building in a tale that will draw readers deep into the world of the Albans.
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