Star Mate Marked (2021)

Star Mate Marked
He never expected his inner were-beast to claim the general’s bride for himself.

Braxen had zero interest in going to Earth to pick up the Fleet General’s matched mate. The tiny blue planet is an ecological disaster and from what he has seen, its females are insubordinate and stubborn. But he owes General Galatov his life several times over, so he agrees.

But then he meets the general’s mate, and his werecat beast insists she’s meant to be Braxen’s mate.

Macy Blue was having the best day of her life—a promotion at work, ten pounds lost over the last few months, a gorgeous new dress, a first date with a nice guy planned for that night—right up to the moment she got abducted en route to the subway.

When the spaceship they’re on crash-lands on a deserted planet, everything goes from bad to worse.

Stranded with no way to call for help, Braxen and Macy must work together to repair the ship—or die trying—all while trying to fight against their forbidden attraction.