Enemy of the Alien Bride Lottery (2021)

Enemy of the Alien Bride Lottery
I’ll do whatever it takes to destroy the Bride Games.

A year ago, I did the unthinkable.

I helped a woman running from the Alien Bride Lottery.

I spent three months in a federal prison for it, too.

As soon as I got out, a secret organization recruited me. Our goal is to end the Bride Lottery program forever.

So when my name is drawn in the Lottery this year, I know it’s a setup. But my friends in the organization insist it’s for the best, because now I can feed them information from inside the Bride Games.

But when I arrive on Station 21, I realize there’s even more to this setup than I knew. Because the first person I meet is that green alien bastard who turned me in. Worse, he’s one of the grooms in the Bride Games.

If he thinks he can make up for all the damage he’s done, he’s in for a surprise.

Because I’m going to do whatever it takes to bring down this entire system.