Ruff and Tumble (2022)

Ruff and Tumble
Murder can be ruff…

…and it can happen in the most unexpected places.

Amy opened a dog-grooming shop in her quaint hometown, and every dog and their mother has been paws-itively raving about Amy’s services.

Everyone except the dead guy.

That’s right. Only a few months after she moved back home, Amy’s stumbled on murder victim number two.

Turns out, the victim was a slippery con man, and he’d conned a lot of people… a lot of people who wanted revenge.

Amy and her grumpy granny, Petunia, have a nose for crime… but can they sniff out the killer with so many suspects?

Who could be the killer? The con man’s former partner? One of his marks? The options are endless.

Handsome rookie police officer Liam Snow wants Amy to stay out of this case.

But Amy and Petunia can’t help it. They’re hot on the tail of the killer, and they’re not gonna let this one get away.