To Fetch a Killer (2022)

To Fetch a Killer
Dogs can play dead…

…but can people?

That’s what Amy suspects has happened when she stumbles on a dead body… but it disappears before the cops show up!

The police think amateur sleuth Amy is messing with their heads.

But Amy knows what she saw. The only person who believes her is Petunia, her grumpy granny. And honestly, Petunia’s kinda skeptical too.

Amy’s trying to keep business at her dog salon afloat while she rescues her reputation and fetches a killer.

But where are the clues when she can’t find the corpse?

How can a dead body just get up and walk away? Maybe someone faked their own death. Or maybe, someone hid the body and fled the scene.

Rookie police officer Liam Snow thinks Amy’s telling the truth… but he can’t convince his superiors.

Can Amy dig up the truth? Because if not, it would be a doggone shame.