July's Trials (2018)

July's Trials
The Florida summer turns even hotter for criminal investigator Larry Macklin when he narrowly escapes an explosion that takes the life of a colleague. The assumed target of the bomb is Larry’s cross-dressing confidential informant and the key witness in a major drug trial, Eddie Thompson, who’s now on the run.

As federal agents descend on Adams County, Larry is pushed aside in the investigation over concerns regarding his status as a witness… and a possible suspect. At loose ends and with nothing to do but look for Eddie, Larry is consumed with survivor’s guilt and other emotional fall-out from the explosion that threatens to destroy the relationships he holds most dear.

Several breaks in the case finally bring Larry back into the investigation and lead to the person responsible for the bomb. But everything still doesn’t add up and Larry is convinced that the real killer is still out there. Can Larry and his partners solve the case before someone else loses their life?
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