September's Fury (2018)

September's Fury
Having sparked the ire of a cantankerous county resident with plenty of money to burn, criminal investigator Larry Macklin is concerned he may have seriously damaged his father’s chances of re-election as sheriff. When he receives a mysterious phone call from the publisher of the local paper on Pelican Island, Larry is happy to distract himself with the investigation into a possible suicide that may actually be a murder with ties to one of his old cases.

However, the strange death quickly takes a back seat when the forecast calls for a Category 3 hurricane to make landfall just west of Adams County. But even as Larry and the rest of the department grapple with emergency management preparations, another body is discovered with evidence pointing to one of Larry’s biggest fears – that blackmailer and murderer Blake Klein might still be alive and targeting Larry for revenge.

As the storm rages, a killer moves closer to Larry and the ones that he loves. Will he stop the murderer in time, or will this be the case that robs him of everything?
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