Winter's Chill (2021)

Winter's Chill
Criminal investigator Larry Macklin faces the worst moment of his life when his father, Sheriff Ted Macklin, is attacked and left for dead by the side of the road. Larry’s days become a blur of hospital vigils and watching from the sidelines as his colleagues, Pete and Julio, launch an investigation into what happened.

In order to help clear their schedules, Larry takes over several cases from Pete and Julio, including a string of high-end auto thefts and a mysterious assault where the victim clearly knows his assailant but refuses to press charges. These do little to distract Larry from worrying about his dad, who’s slowly recovering but showing worrying signs of brain damage.

Then the department is rocked by a discovery that closes a five-year-old missing-person case… and points to a disturbing answer regarding the attack on the sheriff. As the Adams County criminal investigations team tries to tie up loose ends that don’t make any sense, a dangerous winter storm sets its sights on North Florida. Before the storm is over, Larry will find himself on a wild ride to catch the most mysterious criminal of his career.