The Colonel's Daughter (2002)

The Colonel's Daughter
She wasn't afraid to fight…

Beneath the polish of an Eastern finishing school lies a soldier's daughter who can ride, shoot and deal cards with the best. Which is why Suzanne Bonneaux calmly boards the infamous Cheyenne-Deadwood stage to search for a longtime friend before the winter snows erase her trail.

For the man

When the stagecoach is attacked, a shoot-out brings her face-to-face with Black Jack Sloan, a hard, handsome gunslinger who exudes the kind of danger wise men avoid. When Jack saves her life, Suzanne decides to ride by his side through the Dakota Badlands, with or without his say-so.

Or for his love

Jack wants nothing more than to put this upstart female in her place--and in his bed. But he's a man riding a trail of vengeance, and there's no place for a woman in his life. He's never met one like Suzanne, however, or had to choose between avenging his past or living to face another day…and a future in her arms.
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