The Captain's Woman (2002)

The Captain's Woman
She followed her heart… and found her destiny.

FROM THE DRAWING ROOMS The spirited daughter of a Wyoming newspaper baron, Victoria Parker has two grand passions: journalism and Captain Sam Garrett. But her gift for writing has been confined to the society page and the captain's heart belongs to another. Now, as dramatic events and sensational headlines sweep the nation, everything is about to change.

TO THE FRONT LINES A reckless combination of innocence and optimism convinces Victoria that anything is possible -- even winning Sam's heart. When he joins Teddy Roosevelt's infamous Rough Riders as they prepare to charge into battle, she follows and is inspired to report on the heroic efforts of American nurses who tend the sick and wounded. But instead of a joyous reunion with the man to whom she has surrendered body and soul, she finds chaos and heartache.

LOVE WAS WORTH FIGHTING FOR… As Victoria grows from novice reporter to dedicated journalist, she will find herself transformed from an idealistic girl into a proud, courageous woman -- unafraid to fight for her country, her ideals and her heart.
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