Diamonds Can Be Deadly (2006)

Diamonds Can Be Deadly
If diamonds were a girl's best friend…

Then emeralds come in a close second. So when ex-model-turned-agent Jordan Colby, Code Name: Diamond, was sent to Kauai to find a missing gem, she jumped at the chance. There was just one glitch: the presence of her ex-fiancé, T.J. Scott, a former New York City cop who'd turned his back on everything that had meant anything to him. Starting with her…

Or had he? T.J.'s sizzling stares were starting to convince her that his feelings for her had never cooled, and his protectiveness convinced her that he was one of the good guys after all. But if there was one thing she was beginning to learn, it was that dazzling surfaces were no reflection of what lay beneath…
0373274815 / 9780373274819