A Lie for a Lie (2009)

A Lie for a Lie
Aggie Sloan Wilcox likes to practice what her minister husband preaches—to a point. But babysitting a narcissistic “star” demands the patience of a saint, and Aggie isn’t bucking for a halo.

Actor and singer Grady Barber has returned to his hometown to judge the Emerald Springs Idyll, a talent show to help raise funds for the local hospital. As the newest volunteer on the fund-raising committee, Aggie is assigned the unenviable task of ensuring that Grady’s needs are met. Unfortunately, Grady’s needs are legion, as are the enemies he makes.

When Aggie stumbles upon his dead body, she isn’t terribly surprised. But when “Sister” Nora, of a controversial circus that preaches the dangers of global warming, turns out to be Grady’s ex-wife, she is surprised. And when Nora is arrested for his murder, more than Aggie’s patience is tried. She must use every skill to clear the name of the unlikely prophet, before Nora spends her final days preaching on death row.
0425226646 / 9780425226643