Winter's Curse (2019)

Winter's Curse
A blessing? A curse? It’s not easy to possess the gift of knowing too much.
What at first seems like a standalone bank robbery becomes something much darker as a pair of masterminds hack their bloody way onto the list of the most notorious US heists. It’s not a job exclusive to the FBI, but Winter’s office nemesis, Sun Ming, is convinced that she holds the key to taking down the murderous criminals hungry for fame.

Forced into the spotlight, Winter wants only one thing…to solve this case so she can focus on tracking down The Preacher. But the "gift" he left her with might destroy her first.

Welcome to book two of Mary Stone’s debut crime fiction series. If you love a page-turning, cat and mouse thriller, Winter’s Curse will keep you guessing until the end.

Download your copy of Winter’s Curse to discover if Winter’s team will outsmart a killer’s intricately designed plot for infamy. And if Winter will survive the curse that is growing more and more out of her control.
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