Winter's Redemption (2019)

Winter's Redemption
He’s killing again. He’s killing Winter…over and over.
The Preacher—the sadistic serial killer who slaughtered Winter’s parents—has come out of retirement, leaving the bloody evidence in his wake. Special Agent Winter Black has spent her entire life preparing for this moment, and she intends to see it through—no matter the cost. When she’s taken off the case, that cost just might be her FBI career.

She doesn’t care.

Winter won’t stop until she ends the man responsible for destroying her family. And since she isn’t sure who she can trust anymore, she plans to do it alone.

It doesn’t take Winter long to discover that The Preacher isn’t after just another victim.

He’s after her. And he won't let anything get in the way of his sadistic plans.

This is the third book in the page-turning Winter Black series. If you love a thriller with nail-biting suspense, Winter’s Redemption will keep you guessing until the end.

Will Winter finally stop the killer who took everything from her and solve the disappearance of her little brother?
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