Winter's End (2020)
by Mary Stone
(#10 in Winter Black)

Winter's End
Sometimes, the beginning is the end.

For thirteen years, FBI Special Agent Winter Black has been haunted by a man who performed heinous acts. Murdering her parents. Abducting her baby brother. Leaving her in a coma that changed her life forever.

For thirteen years, she’s suffered mentally and physically. Often doubted her sanity and ability to move forward to achieve her goal of bringing that brutal man down.

Thirteen years of regret. Of hope. Of fear. Of hate.

But now, the boy she longs for has transformed into a man she fears.

She has to face him. Catch him.

Maybe even kill him. Even if it means the end of her.

Winter’s End, the ninth and final book of Mary Stone’s gripping Winter Black Series, examines the intricate battle between love and hate. Right from wrong. Leaving you breathless and asking…what would you do?