Cold Start (2020)
by Mary Stone
(#1 in Ellie Kline (Prequel))

Cold Start
Trouble might be her only name…

From an elite Charleston, South Carolina family, Officer Ellie Kline is the black sheep in the family. Her parents have always tried to protect her, especially since she was kidnapped at the tender age of fifteen. But with her eye on being promoted to Charleston PD detective, it’s her mission to protect and serve the people of her beloved, dignified city. And protect she does. She can’t help it if she goes overboard sometimes, losing partners and getting suspended.

Instincts honed from the evil that once tried to possess her, Officer Kline can spot a crime in progress almost before it happens. So when a little girl is behaving oddly, Ellie will do everything in her power to make sure she doesn’t suffer the same fate she did at the hands of a monster.