Cold Hunt (2020)
by Mary Stone
(#3 in Ellie Kline)

Cold Hunt
Hunt or be hunted…

On a farm in the backwoods of Charleston, South Carolina, a hunter stalks prey—the two legged kind. And it’s not the first time. New players have emerged in the underground human trafficking ring lurking in the shadows of the dignified city, ramping up the stakes.

Coming off the high of solving her first case as a Charleston PD detective, Ellie Kline has linked several Cold Cases together, leading her to the chilling discovery that a serial killer has been watching her for years. Details from the night she was kidnapped when she was fifteen are surfacing, but not fast enough. The man whose voice she still hears in her head is a brutal killer, one responsible for countless murders of women. She has to find him, stop him.

Assigned to a new John Doe cold case, Ellie is surprised to also find evidence of a missing woman. Suspicions that her beloved city of Southern charm is the center of an ever swirling circle of human trafficking become all too real.

When a lead takes her into the darkest parts of the internet, she’s one step closer to solving her own abduction. Ellie’s case will take her on a cold and dangerous hunt that leads her to a truth no one could have predicted.

A hypnotic, perilous psychological thriller, Cold Hunt is the second book of the Ellie Kline Series that will have you looking over your shoulder at every creak.