Cold Highway (2020)
by Mary Stone
(#5 in Ellie Kline)

Cold Highway
Sometimes the prey eats the predator…

The only way to take his power from women is to kill. Lucky’s playground is America’s cold highways, and in twenty years he’s never been caught. Only perfected his skills, leaving countless victims in his dust.

Dr. Kingsley, the man who kidnapped Detective Ellie Kline when she was fifteen, is in the wind. But if he’s incapacitated and on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, has someone taken his place?

Partnered with Special Agent Clay Lockwood to crack open a case as horrifying as the human trafficking ring Ellie and the Charleston PD broke open, all signs point to a new master, or mistress, of a terror that went under with the master.

But Ellie is determined more than ever to bring this ring of terror down, and she’s now got Special Agent Clay Lockwood at her side. When someone very close to Ellie is taken, the hunt turns personal once again.

A hair-raising hunt for a predator turns deadly in Cold Highway. The fourth book of the Ellie Kline Series will make you reconsider traveling on an interstate ever again.