Deadly Beginnings (2019)
by Mary Stone
(#1 in Kylie Hatfield (Prequel))

Deadly Beginnings
Straight into trouble. And Murder.

That's where both Kylie Hatfields's new job and her rescue dog's nose lead her. The gigantic black black Newfoundland dog, Vader, is just as impulsive as Kylie. Add ex-military Search and Rescue trainer, Lincoln Coulter, into the mix and missing people cases can't help but be solved.

Sparks fly between Kylie and Linc as she settles into the upends Starr Investigations, where she's just been hired as a secretary. But she can do so much more, and being a PI is her dream. When a cheating spouse case turns into murder, and Kylie and Vader take to the mountains to solve it, Linc is called in to save the day.