Deadly Dreams (2019)

Deadly Dreams
Sometimes the rescuers need to be saved…

Search and rescue responders are going missing one by one. A predator is on the hunt, an aggressive monster out for revenge, and he’s preying on those who risk their lives to save others.

Meanwhile, Kylie Hatfield has a wedding to plan. She and her search-and-rescue boyfriend, Linc Coulter, are finally getting married. If only they could skip the entire ceremony part and go straight to the honeymoon, she would be thrilled.

When her boss throws the case of a missing SAR from Georgia down on her desk, she jumps on it. It’ll be just the thing to keep her and Linc busy, so Kylie can put off having to fret about invitations, DJs, napkin colors…

But little does Kylie know that, by taking this case, she’s putting Linc in the path of a dangerous killer. A killer who has a score to settle with Asheville’s top SAR guy—and who will not stop until Linc Coulter is dead.

Deadly Dreams is the fourth book in the Kylie Hatfield Series and will take readers on a white-knuckled journey with memorable characters and a few good dogs.
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