Autumn's Fear (2020)

Autumn's Fear
Don’t fear the dark. It’s the light that blinds…and kills.

Forensic and criminal psychologist Dr. Autumn Trent is trying to find her groove in her transition to the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit. But can her soft heart continue to take a beating? Will her impulsive spirit continue to get her in trouble? Probably.

Using her connections, she begins the search for the sister she hasn’t seen since they were both girls. And gets a hit in the Sunshine State.

It’s kismet when she’s called out on a case with the team—pregnant women are disappearing in Lavender Lake, Florida. The only clue to their fate has come in the form of a single hand…recovered from swamplands heavily populated with hungry gators. The perfect dumping ground for a killer.

A cold-blooded monster is on a holy mission to spread his light into the dark world…but how do you track a criminal who makes sure all evidence is eaten?