Autumn's Rage (2021)

Autumn's Rage
Revenge has no deadline…and endless rage.

Dr. Autumn Trent returns to Virginia after successfully assisting the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit yet again. Part of her heart remains in Florida with her long-lost sister whose trail has evaporated, but she moves forward to focus on her work as a forensic and criminal psychologist.

Intent on doing just that, she heads to Virginia State Hospital, where the prodigy of The Preacher awaits her return. Justin Black becomes the least of her worries when a new case practically falls in Autumn’s lap.

Murder has its grip on the mental institution, and all signs point toward one suspect. Even though the case appears to solve itself, Autumn thinks the team is being led astray. Uncovering the truth is only half of Autumn’s battle. She must first catch the killer before the killer catches her.