Storm's Awakening (2021)
by Mary Stone
(#1 in Amelia Storm (Prequel))

Storm's Awakening
Not all storms will pass.

A decade ago, Amelia Storm left her hometown of Chicago, escaping into the protective embrace of the military. There, she grew strong as she licked the wounds inflicted by the Passarellis, one of the city's most dangerous crime families. A family she both loved and hated.

As she fought for her country, another war raged in her hometown, and her beloved brother was a casualty, killed in the line of duty as a Chicago police officer. With his death as her awakening, Amelia returns home, this time as a special agent with the FBI.

No longer a scared girl, she vows to avenge her brother and do what she can to end the city's deep wells of crime and corruption. Or die trying. After all, she has nothing to lose.

Storm's Awakening is the prequel to Mary Stone and Amy Wilson's riveting new Amelia Storm Series.