Slash in the Pan (2018)

Slash in the Pan
Georgie Tanner and her best friend, Kari have known each other their whole lives. Georgie was maid of honor at Kari and Joe's wedding, so when Joe is accused of a horrific murder, Georgie is determined to learn the truth.

The details look bad- a body was found in the subdivision under construction where Joe is the general contractor. The body has Joe's favorite knife sticking out of it. To make things worse, the dead man is Devon Walters, Joe's professional rival.

Joe doesn't have a good alibi, and the DA quickly discovers that Devon was about to file a lawsuit against Joe. As Georgie finds out when she digs deeper, Devon had a good reason to file a lawsuit. Despite Joe's underhanded dealings, Kari begs Georgie to prove he didn't do it… but the more Georgie digs, the worse things look.

Worse, Georgie unearths clues that seem to tie back to her fiancé, who died years ago… this may be one case where the truth is too hard to face.
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