Her Wicked Libertine (2019)

Her Wicked Libertine
When a prudish spinster…
Miss Edwina Whitman had a repressively religious education. For her, a woman must endure a gentleman's attentions. But when she sees herself face to face with a dark angel proposing the most wicked deal, she accepts it for her sister, who deserves a future. But the blasting libertine won't allow her to think of king and country in his presence. In fact, she forgets even her own name when he touches her.

Meets a shameless libertine…
Harris Darroch is no hero. Not a romantic one in any case. His libertine reputation puts his heroic prowess exclusively in the bedchamber. And he will bed any and every willing woman in sight. But when a prudish lady approaches him to beg the writing off her father's debt, he sees no reason not to enlist her buttoned up person to his bed for the trouble. Living in close quarters with her is building up a desire the likes of which he's never seen before. Though wanting him, the little shrew remains aloof. Practicing his 'convincing' skills on her will be an utter delight!

Love will lurk in the shadows to catch them!