To Wed a Highlander (2014)

To Wed a Highlander
Highland Warlord: She needs his protection…
A dark evil threatens Morgana de Moray’s Highland home. The Druid Princess is left with no choice but to strike a deadly bargain with the dangerous Berserker and risk all to unleash the beast from within the man.

Highland Witch: She thought she was safe…
Charged with keeping a Druid relic safe, Kenna de Moray is cloistered in a convent far from home. When a Viking Berserker saves her from the lash of a whip, he doesn’t realize that he’s about to unleash the full force of her passionate fire on the world, or that he’s drawn her enemies to them.

Highland Warrior: He thought she was innocent…
Malcolm de Moray is the Druid King of the Picts, and Earth’s last hope to stop the Apocalypse. The woman he saves has spent a century as a prisoner of dark Druids, and now she must choose between her heart or her life as they battle for the future of us all.
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