Rockstar Daddy (2017)

Rockstar Daddy
Badass rockstar hiding out in his isolated cabin in his hometown before his career blows up…biggest cliché ever. Hot as hell chick who wrecks her car in my ditch? Ditto. It’s New Year’s Eve, and we’re trapped together in a snowstorm. Hot chick is the small town sweetheart, but she’s honest and fun in a way I never expected. She doesn’t know I’m a rockstar. So I lie to her. Because she’s seeing me for me, not the money or fame. We end up naked. The night is incredible, the best of my life. Until I break her heart. I’m not good enough for her. Not even close. But she makes me yearn…for everything. Now this badass rockstar is going to be a daddy. And I need to convince the good girl to be mine.

For keeps.
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