Daddy in Disguise (2019)

Daddy in Disguise
I'm the one who isn't pregnant. Yet…

Expanding my successful café was a no-brainer.

Sleeping with the contractor?

Well, mix some hormones, excellent coffee, and the romantic atmosphere of the movie Halloween, and naked stuff happens.

Yeah, Gideon is smokin' hot, as shown by the photos from that pesky camera crew that's suddenly following us around.

Say what?

Because surprise—he's a single father, and now he's the most eligible one in Crescent Cove.

Every horny woman in our small town wants a go at his tool…belt.

And then we're caught on camera—I still had my pants on, thank you—and all Hades breaks loose.

Now the little secret he kept from me isn't nearly as important as Gideon keeping custody of his daughter.

When that full moon rises on Halloween, I might finally be dropping my mask. And risking it all for love…and really good hammering.